Jehovah witness beliefs on interracial dating


The doctrine of eternal torment of all mankind except the few elect became so abhorrent to him that at the age of seventeen he was a skeptic.He said: ' A God that would use his power to create human beings whom he foreknew and PREDESTINATED should be eternally tormented, could be neither wise, just nor loving.The New World Translation), and they emphasize the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in their teachings.(Learn more about The New World Translation.) Yet the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses differ from mainstream Christianity as well.Sadly, there are numerous examples of racial bigotry in Watchtower’s early literature, and few non-white races escape unscathed.I will attempt to catalogue some of the more offensive quotes in this article.

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Witnesses also have stronger apocalyptic expectations than most Christians.I thought that even in the bible Jesus was visited by spirits.I thought it said that Jesus was visited by moses and someone else.In agreement with most orthodox Christians, Jehovah's Witnesses affirm the full inspiration of the Bible by God and the preservation of its copies over the centuries.Witnesses see the Bible as a gift from God that tells humans about what God is like, how to cope with problems, and how to please God.And how come they don't believe in heaven or hell? Their beliefs stem from their founder, Charles Taze Russell.

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